‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ Character Teaser Trailers

'Street Fighter X Tekken' Character Teaser TrailersTwo of the most classic arcade and console fighting franchises are still slated to collide next year sometime. With the release of both “Street Fighter X Tekken” and “Tekken X Street Fighter” (the former will be stylized as a Street Fighter game with 2D, ink-art animation, while the latter will run on Tekken’s 3D game engine) scheduled for 2012, the two companies responsible for the cross-game fighters (Capcom and Namco, respectively) are now beginning to reveal details surrounding the game.

First up, Capcom released four teaser trailers that subtly unveil characters that will be included in the upcoming game as well as box art for their half of the collection.

Both games are slated for release on PS3 and Xbox 360, and reports have speculated that the games will drop in early March, 2012.

Watch the four teaser trailers below.

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