Head of Marvel Studios Talks ‘Captain America 2’ Plot Direction

Head of Marvel Studios Talks 'Captain America 2' Plot DirectionIn a recent interview with the Cinematic Happenings Under Development (CHUD) blog, head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige discussed some of the direction intended for the second installment in the “Captain America” solo movies.

Building off of the recent success of Joss Whedon’s “The Avengers“, Chris Evans is set to return to the screen for the second movie, which is currently scheduled to hit theaters on April 4, 2014. One of the major debates moving forward, said Feige, is how the maintain semi-autonomous plot lines for each of the four Avengers in light of the crew-based movie already being released.

“As we go forward – particularly in ‘Iron Man 3’ – [there’s] the notion of how singular the stories can become. ‘Iron Man 3’ is a very singular Tony Stark story. As is ‘Thor 2’,” he told CHUD about the upcoming next installments for the other Avengers cast members.

“Cap, who is stuck in the modern day with no friends or family, there will be some revelations of who is still alive from his days in World War II, but SHIELD and Nick Fury are kind of his confidants right now. So of all these movies, ‘Captain America 2’ will be most closely associated with Avengers,” Feige explained.

“The Avengers” has made headlines after its box office debut last week, shattering opening-weekend records by raking in more than $200 million in its first three days.

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