Video: “The Avengers” Blu-Ray Trailer, Release Date Announced

Disney and Marvel revealed today that they’ve settled on a release date for the Blu Ray release of what was one of the year’s most-anticipated films, “The Avengers”. A trailer for the home release was put out, touting the critical acclaim for the film, and, according to IGN, the inclusion of some lines and scenes not in the theatrical version may indicate that the release will also included an extended cut.

The release will be offered in a number of formats, including DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-Ray, and even a 10-disc Marvel Avengers box set, which includes Blu Ray versions of the solo movies from the Avengers crew. Check out more info on the options over at IGN.

Marvel’s “The Avengers” is set for DVD/Blu Ray release on September 25.

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