Skateboard + Bowl + Music = The Synthshredder

How do you turn a skater and his skateboard into a music instrument? Well, one way is to give him a bowl to skate in that’s rigged up with sensors — each one trigger a synthesizer to be played as the skater passes over them.

That’s the idea behind The Synthshredder. The brainchild of UCLA student, Jesse Chorng. The project involves literally a 20-foot-wide skate bowl that plays and records music. Jesse and the rest of his crew have already constructed the bowl itself and now need help raising money to finish the project by purchasing all of the required electronic equipment.

They’ve put together a KickStarter campaign and they’re trying to raise $7,300 by next week to finish the project. For more details, check out the video promotion (above) and visit the KickStarter page to contribute. Those who offer up some financial support will receive a number of perks — including copies of the music created by The Synthshredder once it starts grinding out compositions.

Category: Skate, Technology

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