Exclusive: Luckyiam Talks ‘Time To Get Lucky’, Status of Living Legends

Exclusive: Luckyiam Talks 'Time To Get Lucky', Living Legends DocumentaryIn a recent interview with aboveGround, Living Legends MC Luckyiam discussed the process of creating his recent album, Time To Get Lucky, as well as the current status of the Double-L crew and a recent mini-documentary on the Legends that he directed.

Time To Get Lucky was actually done before [the 2011 free release] I Love Haters,” Luckyiam said. He explained how the album — which he has been planning for about five years — experienced a number of setbacks, including being confiscated in an ATF raid at one of the studios that he was using to record.

“It’s relief,” he said about finally dropping the album, “it shows me where I’m at, that I can make something so long ago and it comes out now and fools are like ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah’.”

Despite the set backs, Lucky said that the album’s delay lead to the addition to a number of new tracks, including “Whatupdoe”, and “Bang Bang” featuring Lana Shea and produced by Kill The Computer — two artists that he recently completed a collaborative album with.

The process for releasing music is a lot different now than it used to be, he said. Now, he’s able to create music and be more strategic about the releases, rather than releasing each piece of music as it comes along. “People are just like onto the next, onto the next,” he said, discussing the trend of artists releasing tons of material in rapid succession. “I’m trying to make albums.”

His methodical process keeps him outside of the “blog rap world”, he said, explaining how refuses to play politics that many artists deal with when trying to get their music onto popular websites. “Are you about trying to show good shit?,” he asked when discussing the world of hip hop blogs, “or just the shit that’s ‘the hot shit’?”

Lucky also touched on the current status of the Living Legends crew, explaining that after recently completing two group performances (at Paid Dues festival and a 4/20 show in San Diego), there has been some discussion about creating a new group album, but nothing has been planned with any certainty.

He also revealed that fellow Living Legends crew member, MURS, recently explained to the others that he would be stepping back as an “inactive member” of the legendary California collective. “From what I understand, from what I was told,” said Lucky, “[the performance in San Diego on April 20] was our last eight-man show.”

MURS’ step away from the group is addressed in an upcoming mini-documentary that Lucky directed. “I asked everyone three questions,” he explained. “First question was, ‘Who are you and what are you working on?’, second question was ‘How did it feel performing with your crew?’ — so they talked about Paid Dues. Third question is, ‘How do you feel about MURS leaving the group?’.”

Lucky’s newest album is available now via online retailers. Visit his new site, Luckydoot.com for more information, and watch the new video for “Change This”, featuring The Grouch below.

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