Mac Lethal’s Newest Fast Rap Video Remixes Gotye, Takes on Grammar

Mac Lethal's Newest Fast Rap Video Remixes Gotye, Takes on GrammarKansas City’s Mac Lethal, today, released the latest in his series of tongue-in-cheek videos showcasing his ultra-fast rapping ability.

Using the instrumental from Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” hit, Mac Lethal used this video to take on poor grammar by rapping about the difference between using “your” — the possessive — and”you’re” — the contraction.

“This one is a contraction,” Mac raps, holding up a sign that reads “YOU’RE”. “You apostrophe are — like ready for action.” He makes the distinction, then, rapping, “This one is your — possessive — your gun, your beer, your mom’s a whore.”

“Possessives and contractions are, apparently, just something that you used to know,” Mac sings to the key of the original song.

Previously, Mac Lethal has gained fame for his fast rap video to the “Look At Me Now” (Chris Brown) beat while he casually cooked pancakes and drank orange juice. Prior to that, Mac has also released videos rapping over Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” and a number of other popular tracks.

Check out the newest fast rap video by Mac Lethal below.

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