Mega Ran Releases Video Game: ‘Mega Ran In Language Arts’

Mega Ran Releases Video Game: 'Mega Ran In Language Arts'Mega Ran, aka Random, recently revealed his newest project: A video game to accompany his newest fan-funded album.

The game, which shares the name “Mega Ran In Language Arts” with his newest release, is a side-scrolling action game. It’s reminiscent of the Mega Man series.

The Phoenix-by-way-of-Philly rapper/producer has garnered considerable recognition throughout the video game community for not only his use of video game references and samples, but also the inclusion of his music in well-known games.

The former teacher recently released the accompanying album, and is also planning to release an adjacent comic book, based on his life as a teacher. In addition to Random’s new music, the game also features a soundtrack that has appearances by him, RoQy TyRaiD, Beefy, and more, which is available for purchase.

Check out Mega Ran’s “Mega Ran In Language Arts” game, as well as his newest album and the game’s soundtrack via BandCamp.

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