Supastition Comes Out of Retirement, Announces New Album

Supastition Comes Out of Retirement, Announces New AlbumAfter a two year hiatus, North Carolina MC Supastition (also known as Kam Moye) has announced that he’ll be coming out of his previously-announced retirement to release at least one more album.

“I guess, I still have something left to say after all,” he wrote on his blog, announcing his return to music and saying that since his retirement he’s recorded over 40 tracks. He went on to say that an unnamed, “acclaimed yet elusive producer,” was responsible for motivating his reemergence.

Supa continued, explaining that his new effort will be a collaboration between himself and a single producer. He called the album, “a definitive concept album where every single song follows the story.” He didn’t elaborate on the theme of the album, nor did he offer any clues as to who the producer may be that he’s working with.

Kam said that he doesn’t plan to return to doing music full time. “[But,] I do plan on promoting this latest project since I’ve committed to it,” he wrote.

In 2010, shortly after the release of his last LP, Splitting Image (under the name Kam Moye), Supastition announced that he would be retiring from music. He explained at the time that he was frustrated with the eroding music business model. The new album will mark his fourth full-length record since 2002.

More details about the album are expected to be released via Supastition’s Tumblr page.

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