‘The [R]evolution of Immortal Technique’ Documentary to Premiere at Harlem Film Festival

'The [R]evolution of Immortal Technique' Documentary to Premiere at Harlem Film FestivalThe upcoming biopic scores a headlining seat at the Harlem Film Festival.

This week, reports revealed that the upcoming documentary film, “The [R]evolution of Immortal Technique”, based on the life of the politically-charged, Peruvian-born rapper, will be released next month as part of the Harlem Film Festival.

Cary Stuart, the film’ director, revealed that the documentary was created between 2004 and 2011, following Immortal Technique as he traveled the world, depicting both his life on and off of the stage.

First screening of the film will take place as part of the Harlem Film Festival, which is scheduled for September 7. Stuart will be in attendance and participate in a Q&A session following the showing. Fans can stream the Q&A session online (via Skype) from the HFF website.


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