Nas Auctions Off Painting, Raises $14,000 for Charity

Nas Auctions Off Painting, Raises $14,000 for CharityThe Queensbridge Poet shows off his painting chops and earns a bunch of money for children with cancer.

During a performance at Ricochet Lounge in Miami, Florida for Art Basel Miami 2011, Nas painted a picture on stage. The first-ever-sold piece of art from Nasty Nas was then auctioned off to the crowd, garnering a winning bid of $14,000 for charity.

The work — which depicts a man smoking what appears to be a joint — was auctioned off the raise money for children with cancer, according to Nas’ comments in video footage from the event. But, no specific charity was mentioned.

Check out the footage from Nas’ live performance and the quick auction below.

Nas Selling His First Painting For $14,000 and performing at Ricochet Lounge for Art Basel Miami 2011 from on Vimeo.

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