Sole Releases New Track, Announces Album, ‘A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing’

Sole Releases New Track, Announces Album, 'A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing'Today, Portland, Maine-born MC, Sole, announced the release of a new solo album, titled A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing.

The founder and former head of Anticon is touting it as his first new retail album in nearly seven years. “[This album is] the most militant and empowered music I have ever made,” he said in a statement about the record.

Production on the record is helmed by a number of Sole’s contemporaries, as well as some of his own work, including tracks from Alias, Busdriver, Factor, Man Mantis, Cobraconda, Ryan Hemsworth, and more.

According to Sole, he has recorded approximately 25 tracks for the album, and appears to be in the process of finalizing the tracklist for the upcoming LP. Among those tracks, the newly-released track “Jungle of the Real”, produced by Man Mantis,  is a record that didn’t make the final cut.

Sole has collaborated extensively with Florida’s Skyrider band, releasing two albums in 2011 under the collective moniker Sole & The Skyrider Band. In addition, he also released an EP, the sixth of his Man’s Best Friend series, last year.

A release date for Sole’s A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing is not yet announced, although the rapper/producer said that he anticipates a fall 2012 release. Stream/download “Jungle of the Real” below.

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