New Deltron 3030 Album, ‘Deltron Event II’, Coming Out This Fall?

New Deltron 3030 Album, 'Deltron Event II', Dropping This Fall?In an interview with CBC Music over the weekend, Dan The Automator and Del The Funkee Homosapien revealed that they’re planning to release their highly-anticipated sophomore album Deltron Event II this fall.

Following a reunion show in Toronto, the two Deltron members discussed performing their new material with a 20-person accompanying orchestra along with Kid Koala. They also touched on the new album, discussing the process, anticipated release, and fan expectations.

“It’s not better than the last one,” Del said about the upcoming album, which has been reportedly titled Deltron Event II. “It’s a whole other experience.”

Dan followed up, saying, “We’re doing this because it’s what we want to do.” He added, “People who liked the last album will like this one.”

Although there was some initial debate among the group’s members as to the timeline for the official release, the interview does appear to confirm that it will be released in the late summer or early fall of 2012, with the official release date likely coming in September.

Aside from this small discussion about the record, which is the the follow-up to the group’s highly-acclaimed 2000 debut, no official details or announcements about the record have been released at this time. It seems likely that more information will make its way to the public within the next few weeks or months.

Stay tuned for more information on Deltron 3030’s Deltron Event II as it becomes available.

Watch the full CBC Music interview with Del and Dan:

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