Tonedeff and CunninLynguists’s Kno Announce Collaborative Album, ‘Chico & The Man’, Release Date

Tonedeff and CunninLynguists's Kno Announce Collaborative Album, 'Chico & the Man', Release DateThe two QN5 labelmates are gearing up for the long-awaited release of the new group record.

QN5 founder and New York MC Tonedeff is teaming up with CunninLynguists MC and in-house producer Kno for the release of a collaborative effort under the collective moniker Chico & The Man, the group announced this week.

The project, which started sometime in 2004, has gone through a huge transition, Tonedeff explained, saying that it’s gone from a process of creating a record here and there into a full-fledged production where the album is being crafted as an entire body of work.

Chico & The Man has become a highly-sought-after piece of work by fans of the QN5 imprint — affectionately referred to as Blue Schoolers by the label’s roster — and the announcement has garnered considerable attention from the base of fans.

The announcement spawned a massive, multiple-site scavenger hunt for fans who were hungry for more information about the album and its creation. Fans spent 24 hours decoding hidden messages, translating Greek passages, uncovering new landing pages, and ultimately cracking the password of a private video hosted by Vimeo for a chance to learn more about the record.

The hidden video ultimately revealed behind-the-scenes footage of the album’s creation and commentary from Tonedeff about the process and concepts behind the album.

Chico & the Man is scheduled to be released on December 13 via QN5.

To learn more about the album, either begin the scavenger hunt trail with the clue “εντοπίσετε χίλια πλοία”, or check the QN5 forum for the spoilers.

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