Slaine Drops Out of Tour With House of Pain

Slaine Drops Out of Tour With House of PainThe Special Teamz and La Coka Nosta MC explains that he’ll have to forgo touring with House of Pain as the group celebrates their 20-year anniversary.

On his Facebook page yesterday, Slaine expressed remorse while announcing that he’s being forced to drop out from House of Pain’s He Who Breaks The Law Tour.

“Due to some unforeseen circumstances Ive had to bow out of the He Who Breaks The Law tour with House of Pain,” wrote Slaine. “I apologize to those of you who were counting on seeing me live, and will have more info soon on why I had to back out. I will be touring extensively after my album comes out in May and will keep you updated. Thanks for your continued support.”

The news appears to stem from good fortune rather than something negative, though. He clarified later on the post, saying that he was forced to drop from the tour after he was given another opportunity.

“You guys are gonna be amped to see why I [can’t] go I think,” he wrote. “I have one of the illest [opportunities] Ive ever had to do something [that’s] a dream come true, …and really good for my family and future.”

He continued, apologizing to his fans and clarifying that there’s no bad blood between him and his La Coka Nosta brethren, Danny Boy and Everlast. “[I’m] trying to move toward more freedom and power to tell stories and create the rest of my life,” he said.

Slaine did not clarify as to what other ventures he may be entering into. But, it seems plausible that he may be continuing to pursue his career in acting, after recently appearing alongside Ben Affleck in the 2010 film, “The Town”, as well as making an appearance on NBC’s “The Cape”.

The Boston rapper has had a recent rash of unfortunate events, following a hold placed on his official solo debut due to sample clearance issues in 2010. He’s taken to his Facebook page to share some personal issues with his fans, including a string of emergency dental work and his battle with alcohol addiction. It seems, though, that thing may be looking up.

Slaine’s delayed solo effort, A World With No Skies, is currently being scheduled for an official physical release on May 3 via Suburban Noize Records.

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