Review Rating Explanation

Review Ratings Explained

How do we rate albums? Well you see, our system is based entirely on this $20.00 concept. It’s sort of out-there in terms of rating systems, but we didn’t want to get stuck in a cycle of numerical star values that so many other publications stick with. Our solution was simple; A dollar-based rating system gives us much more flexibility and identity. We can literally choose from 2,000 different ratings, which means we won’t rate every album either a 3 or a 3.5, as so many other sites.

We realize that albums are rarely sold for as much as $20.00 in this day and age, but we wanted to take advantage of using a broad range of ratings. If an album is $10.00 or higher, it means it is, at the very least, worth buying (even if only off of iTunes). Generally speaking, below $10.00 would indicate that we thought the album was lacking in some significant way and likely to be disappointing as a consumer.

How should you interpret our ratings? Well, as always, these are the opinions of our reviewers. We put a lot of stock into the minds of these guys because they’re intelligent and deeply immersed in the music and the culture. They know what they’re talking about.

With that being said, our opinion won’t always be the same as yours. And, we welcome you to argue with us! Start a lively debate over the complexity of the latest joint. We welcome that kind of thing.

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