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Review: Copywrite - God Save The King

God Save The King

Rappers with range are a rare breed. Some heads find their lane and stay in it their whole careers, writing about the same topics and kicking the same flows project after project. They get good at what they do, but also run the risk of becoming stale and repetitive.

Not so with Copywrite. A real strength of his latest album God Save the King is that he shows off his ability to do more than just clever punch lines. He gets serious on the first track, “Post-Apocalyptic Request Box”, talking about the difficulties of being moral and tangling with the meaning of his own success in the music industry. He’s spitting real talk and it’s a great start to the album.

“Sorrow” has a dope hook and is a track built for cooling out. Ohio native Illogic also shines on the guest spot, making this one of my favorites. On “Workahol” Copy displays some technical prowess when he spits double-time rhymes over a bouncy beat. Everyone, including Casual, absolutely rips “Golden State (Of Mind)”, a solid ode to California. Copy even ventures into a more mainstream sound with “Yo! MTV Raps!”. I honestly respect that he went there, but the track as a whole does miss badly. I wish he had gotten his hands on a real banger and made an effort to do something accessible. In my opinion he could pull it off.

A downside to the project is that the production is spotty. There are moments where the rappers outshine the beats and that makes for some tedious listening. But, overall, I’m very impressed by the album. I’ve been a Copywrite fan since MHz was dropping 12 inches on Fondle ‘Em Records and it’s nice to see that he has developed into a well-rounded and versatile MC. Dude can do way more than just battle and deserves a serious listen on this one.

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