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On April 24th, Brooklyn MC Sene released his sophomore album, Brooklyknight, on the Plug Research label. Seemingly guided by an internal metronome, Sene possesses a one-of-a-kind voice and an even more recognizable intonation.  The timing that his flow hits the beat seems to be deliberately arrhythmic.   The production choices on this project spotlight his unique skill while still maintaining their own stand-alone charm.

Some tracks stand out more than others on this 13 track LP, and merit repetitive play.  The album opener, “The Feel Reel” with Sly 5th Ave has an eclectic beat with soulful saxophone, purposeful reverberation and a slow tempo.  “Backboards” featuring Blu, a cat with an equally distinctive voice, is a perfect mash-up of talent that plays out over a haunting beat.  “It’s Been Said” has a sample heavy beat, but it’s Sene’s lyrical ability that makes this track noteworthy:  “They oughta pinch me/I be having dreams, I’m a latter day Da Vinci.”

Sene’s intelligence is prevalent throughout Brooklyknight, and with it he tells an interesting story that is all his own.  Though each track has a different feel, speed and style, it’s all brought together by Sene’s rare rhythm and sound. Brooklyknight may take more than one go around for the listener to appreciate the character that in holds, but if given the opportunity, the uniqueness of this project will stick with you.

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