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The Other Guys - Joe & Insanate’s Excellent LP

The Other Guys
Joe & Insanate’s Excellent LP

The Other Guys, the producer/ emcee team of Mighty Joe and Gnormen Insanate Baites respectively, just released their sophomore project Joe & Insanate’s Excellent LP .  There’s a unique charm when an emcee and producer link up. Similar match-ups like Gang Starr, Soul Position or Atmosphere have created some of the most intimate and in sync projects in hip-hop.  The Other Guys have this same connection.

Sample heavy with live drums and other mixed-in instruments, Joe’s production manages to be both interesting and soothing. Insanate’s flow is deep and almost sluggish, but his word choices are deliberate and succinct. The outcome blends each musician’s unique style into one harmonious sound.  

The lively album opener “Nice” starts the LP off with some needed energy, but it is quick to mellow out with “Fearless” and remains sedated throughout.  Joe & Insanate’s Excellent LP is the kind of album that you can kick back and relax to, no party music here.

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