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J. Pinder - CarelessMay 29, 2012
Fin Records

J. Pinder

I like making predictions about the rap game. I’m not always right, but I feel confident about this one. J. Pinder will blow up if he wants to.

Why put myself on the line like that? Listen to the first track off of his new release, Careless. What you get is an effortless flow that is still content-rich, backed by a beat that has horns and outstanding supporting vocals. This one sounds like real music — rich and original — instead of some computer generated sequence of blips and assorted noises.

On “Pilgrimage”, J. Pinder does something I’m a big fan of. He actually sings on the hook, and does it well. Rappers who can do this (Z-RO and Big KRIT are good examples) immediately make their music more entertaining. Not much better than hearing a guy shred a verse and then croon a chorus.

Beyond vocal talent, one song in particular makes me think that J. Pinder has break out potential. “Some Kinda Star” features heavy guitars that give it more of a rock feel. Artists have been screwing this style up for ages (sorry Limp Bizkit fans) but J. Pinder pulls it off. He put dope verses between an arena rock hook and the end product is stellar. My favorite song is the title track. The vocal sample and drums really make this one a standout. It also closes with some horns that are a perfect ending to the project.

Pinder’s style is reminscent of Lupe Fiasco, and artist that paved the way for artistic MCs to make a statement while enjoying huge commercial success. His smooth delivery, serious themes, and an ear for engaging beats make him a natural heir to the throne. With a little time I think this guy could reach Lupe-like heights in hip hop. Get your hands on “Careless” so you can tell people how you knew about him before everyone else did.

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