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Roc Doogie
Roc, Paper, Scissors

Roc, Paper, Scissors is the debut solo album of Brooklyn born MC, Roc Doogie. After moving and settling in neighboring Connecticut, he joined as part of the four man crew, Phenetiks, in 1998. The group – in which Roc Doogie went by the name of Roc 1 – have a number of their own releases, also being part of Rawkus 50 released by Rawkus Records. Roc brings a handful of his closest cohorts to lay down production for the album including Deto 22, Dirt E. Dutch, Defnyshn, and JK1 the Supernova. As well as JK1 the Supernova, who features on the track “Yardie Funk”, his only other guest appearance comes from his partner, The Protege, on the album opener “Cycle”, which also includes the rest of the Phenetiks crew, with DJ SirCumference on the cuts and Deto 22 on the beat.

The overall tone and atmosphere of this album is great. Roc displays a wide range of talent in each track. Generally, the mood is fun and uplifting, something that hip-hop all too often lacks. What makes it better is that it’s evident throughout that the artist is thoroughly enjoying his craft. This alone certainly adds something special to his already-smooth delivery.

In addition, none of his rhymes are forced out at any point and each track enjoys great continuity from beginning to end. Roc Doogie has a love and knowledge for hip-hop culture which is evident when you start rocking this album. His lyrics display a clear and exceptional consciousness of not only contemporary hip hop, but the world at large. There is really nothing bad that comes out of this album; it offers a great listening experience from front to back.

Production throughout Roc, Paper, Scissors maintains flavor and variety. Every beat overflows (not in a bad way) with character. They work well with the rapping, never overshadowing, just enhancing. They remind you of a better time in hip-hop. The sometimes-funny rapping can make you laugh, but somehow some parts in the production will have you chuckling. The beat for “Micro Management” includes a kind of cartoonish, Dick Dastardly, Pink Panther sound and makes any part of the rapping that is funny, funnier. With production from a wide variety of producers (Deto 22, Dirt E. Duthch, JK1 the Supernova, Defnyshn and Intrikit) there is definitely something that will catch any hip hop lover’s ear – and that’s if you don’t just like the whole lot.

To round up this album – and Roc Doogie’s debut – it is undoubtedly a success. Its versatility in beats and in rapping, without sacrificing quality is a great achievement. As an entire album it is great to listen to as a finished work. It keeps you engaged with its differing styles and subjects. However, even with the variety, it is definitely a complete album as opposed to a collection of singles. Whether you check out one track or all ten you will be glad you have. Each track you listen to will leave you feeling as if you have gained something. No doubt am I looking forward to future Roc Doogie releases, and hoping and praying that the next will be as good as Roc, Paper, Scissors.

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