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1982 (Termanology and Statik Selektah) - 2012

1982 (Termanology and Statik Selektah)

1982, the producer/MC team of Statik Selektah and Termanology recently released their second project: 2012. Both artists, born in ’82, represent for Lawrence, Mass. which is starting to show some notoriety as a city that grooms some promising hip-hop talent (also see: REKS).

2012 is a solid project start to finish. Term’s upbeat and introspective style compliments the reminiscent beats that Stat throws out.  In “Right Now”, Term gets assertive in an impressive show of his a cappella abilities over the almost non-existent, yet entirely-likeable beat.  “Make it Out Alive”, which features appearances from like-minded, gritty wordsmiths Freddie Gibbs and Crooked I, is as aggressive as you would imagine this mash up to be. “Too Long” is a melancholy track brightened by a complementary xylophone and a pretty hook.  One track that missed the mark, “Thug Poets” with Roc Marciano & Havoc, is especially underwhelming given the laudable billing. Unfortunately, the track features watered down flows from all three MCs and is drowned further by a heavily sample-ridden beat — not the best showing for such a noteworthy lineup.

As a duo, 1982 makes perfect sense. Their complimentary styles and obvious history make for a solidarity that is amiable. Termanology has grown as an MC and shines on this album.  Statik Selectah has made a name for himself at this point and continues to dish out a healthy serving of his signature gritty beatwork.  His production is so identifiable in their lack of bass and unique sample usage that it’s about time for him to lose the narcissistic name “tag” peppered throughout his projects.

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