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Wordburglar – 3rd BurglarURBNET/Hand'Solo

3rd Burglar

3rdBurglar is, not surprisingly, the third album from Toronto-based rapper Wordburglar on Hand’Solo Records. His most recent solo release – since the mix album Bergie’s Basement in 2009 – Wordburglar also appears on 10 tracks of 2011 Heatwave as part of the Backburner group. Burg is known for his finely constructed whimsical lyrics, sharp sense of humour and dedication to true-school rap.

The first track of the album “Pre-show Routine” is a perfect example of Wordburglar’s style as a rapper and I’m sure as a person. Hilarious. Kinda strange and definitely doesn’t take the world too seriously (by no means is this a downside). The skit about Burg’ trying to get into a show sets the overall tone of the rapping to follow.

Wordburglar possesses a playful lyrical style filled with personality. He shows great flow from verse to verse, filling each with funny comparisons, word play, metaphors, an ever-present love for comic books and a wide knowledge of hip-hop. The Toronto rapper doesn’t take anything too seriously but still manages to produces dope lyrics that are refreshing to hear. Versatility of content in each rap is one of the album’s defining traits. There are no generic filler tracks; all enjoy Worldburglar’s creativity and own personal touch.

A slight downside of the album is the repetitiveness of the tracks “Where my AT-AT at?” and “Sufficiently Suffonsified”. Both dedicate a sizable amount of time to repetition in the chorus. It breaks from the engagingly interesting lyrics present in the rest of the album, and although delivered with energy, causes your mind to wander. However, this is a minor flaw to a generally great album.

Within the album there are a host of well-placed Kool Keith samples, no doubt due to Wordburglar’s admiration of the rapper. The cuts in 3rdBurglar are incredible. All are handled by Uncle Fes, with the exception of track nine, “Dude where my AT-AT at?”, handled by DJ Extend. Fes produces some great scratching throughout the album which compliments and even enhances Burg’s delivery. Consistence of the mixing gives the album an atmosphere of pure hip hop. As a complete product it proves very engaging. The variety of strong scratch solos and samples from some of raps best (including Guru and, as mentioned Kool Keith, among others), leaves you in anticipation for what might come next.

3rdBurglar’s production is handled by an assortment of producers including Wordburglar himself, Beatmason, Abstrakbeats, Fresh Kils, Timbuktu, DJ Extend, Barebeats and Apt. Much like the rapping, the beats are playful and creative with only a few tracks breaking the trend, becoming slower in pace or slightly heavier.

Every track on the album is creative. Everyone involved adds their own personality and flavour. Overall, 3rdBurglar will undoubtedly offer you something. If you are not into Burg’s flow, it is worth a listen just to hear some of the obscure lyrics that are presented. The cuts, mixing and production are awesome to listen to for any lover of the music. This may not be the best album of the year, however there is no chance it will disappoint.

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