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Parallel Thought & Del The Funkee Homosapien - Attractive Sin

Parallel Thought & Del The Funkee Homosapien
Attractive Sin

Attractive Sin, is a battle for superiority between the intelligent, funny rapping and smooth, jazzy production. All 11 tracks share a similarly consistent style that seems to flow from one track to the next, giving it a great feel of a connected and well-assembled finished product. Although the album is consistently good, it does start out slowly. Track 1, “On Momma’s House”, is the weakest of the 11 tracks. The introductory track about Del and the Bay doesn’t match too well with the rest of the brilliant lyrical feast that is to follow. After moving past the first track, the remaining 10 are as well-put-together as something you might find in a novel. Through the entirety of the album, a devotion to the preservation of the culture of hip-hop is obvious from Del. For much of the album he speaks in third person, referring to himself as Sir Dizl, Dizl, or Sir D. He uses the third person to explain some of his mannerisms and opinions he has as a rapper and as a person.

Del masterfully unloads his thoughts and opinions into each track and does it in a way that is easily understandable. He has a nice, continuous flow that works with the beats and often stops for skit-like breaks, showcasing Del’s unique personality. As he explains it himself: “Word play more wicked than the witch of the west”. He’s not lying to you. He uses an assortment of word play and humour to give the listener his take on certain issues, often relating to the business of hip-hip and its culture. Del is keen to distinguish himself from other rappers, particularly in track 3, “Different Guidelines”, which gives an insight into the artist’s thought process, style and personality. What is great about Del, as well, is he doesn’t hold back anything as a rapper. He is happy to rip into fake rappers and point out negative discourses within the rap community. If you take a listen to “Charlie Brown” and “1520 Sedgewick”, this theme will be obvious, and the way Del presents it will have you in stitches.

The production for the Attractive Sin album falls into the hands of the production group Parallel Thought. They do an incredible job. It can’t be said enough how tight it was. The production is at times jazzy and always smooth. They remain reasonably mellow, but never fail to produce unique character. Each beat displays its own personality, which is a testament to the great production. Parallel Thought manage to set a tone for the album that is simple but just right. Their beats work great with the flow of Del and an immense amount of care is evident with each track. There is not a single moment when the beats slack, they remain consistent and will not disappoint. At the end of some tracks, notably, “Blow Your Mind”, there is time left for a sample heavy beat solo that wraps up the track with some funk. Samples are consistently used throughout the album with care, adding some flavor to an already-great record.

As mentioned before, this is a battle between the rapping and production. They are both right up there with the best that you would expect in 2012. However this battle is in unison, the rap compliments the beats and the beats compliment the rap perfectly. Make your own mind up about which is better, as in the process you are going to nod your head repeatedly at the altogether dopeness of the collaboration of Del the Funky Homosapien and Parallel Thought. You are going to find yourself rewinding certain beats and rhymes over and over and over to marvel at their brilliance. Whether this is your first or fifteenth time listening to Del and Parallel Thought you can appreciate Attractive Sin just as much. It is an amazing blend of production and rhyme style that will make you hungry to listen again and again.

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