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REKS - RebelutionaryJuly 24, 2012


Since first emerging from the Boston rap scene in 2001 with his debut, Along Came The Chosen, in cahoots with an eighteen year old Statik Selektah, REKS has made a name for himself as a masterful lyricist with an incredible ear for seasoned, gritty production.

Since, REKS has released his second LP Grey Hairs in 2008 which feature big names in hip hop such as production from DJ Premier, as well as collaboration with Lil Fame of M.O.P along with other well-known artists. He followed that with his third album: R.E.K.S (Rhythm Eternal King Supreme) in 2011 which again served as a who’s who of esteemed beatsmiths, featuring tracks laced by the liked of Premo, Pete Rock, Alchemist, Statik Selektah and more.

Coming fresh from his most recent album, Straight, No Chaser, a joint effort with one of his go-to beatmakers, Statik Selektah, REKS brings us his newest album: REBELutionary.

The 18-track effort, REBELutionary, is another one-MC-one-DJ product, this time pairing the Boston wordsmith with Florida producer, Numonics. Unlike many of his previous albums, this one features guest appearances from a number of like-minded rhymesayers: Jon Connor, Termanology, and Krondon. The release hears REKS tackle social and political issues with varying degrees of insight. Being no stranger to rapping his way through touchy subjects, REKS again displays his ability to concoct relevant and gripping tales from the perspective of a rapper, now in his 30s, born and bred in the shadow of struggle.

Both beat and rapping enjoy great depth and each track has the potential to be a standout. REKS’ lyrical style is rugged but with pin point precision. He rarely strays from his intended subject and his delivery remains smooth as he strings along word after word and verse after verse into a mesmerizing array of awe-inspiring lyrical dexterity.

The album is diverse in sound throughout. Numonics displays his versatility from track 1 through 18 with excellent production and appropriate samples that compliment REKS’ lyrical masterwork. The ease with which Numonics changes styles to suit REKS’ delivery gives the album a nice tone and allows no room for monotonous sound.

REBELutionary is a great combination of producer and rapper, who compliment each other’s talents almost perfectly. In its entirety it proves to be a very thought provoking hip-hop album that gives the listener fresh insight into a variety of social issues as never before. REKS and Numonics give it their all and have created an extremely well rounded finished product that will be relevant for years to come.

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