Pete Rock & Camp Lo – 80 Blocks From Tiffanys

Download Pete Rock and Camp Lo – 80 Blocks From Tiffanys

This tape 80 Blocks From Tiffanys is a precursor of what’s to come from Pete Rock and Camp Lo this summer. It has blends by DJ Trackstar of old school Pete Rock beats with Camp Lo vocals as well as some brand new tracks. Click the download link above and enjoy the boom-bap.

1. 80 Blocks Intro
2. The Promo (Trackstar Blend)
3. The Promo
4. Jimmy Page (Straighten It Out freestyle)
5. Santana
6. Mic Check ft Pete Rock
7. OnSmash (Trackstar Blend)
8. On Ice (Back on the Block freestyle)
9. Ha (Trackstar Blend)
10. Lumdi (Trackstar Blend)
11. Lumdi
12. Get Em Lo Gang (Trackstar Blend)
13. Step (Trackstar Blend)
14. Sandman
15. High Life (Searchin freestyle)
16. Skinz freestyle ft Tribeca
17. Ebony Eyez (Trackstar Blend)
18. Ebony Eyez
19. Double Doors (Trackstar Blend)
20. After the Marv
21. Sky High (Trackstar Blend)

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